Heli Tour in Nepal

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Heli Tour in Nepal is the short, best and easy way to see the mountains which is basically designed for those having limited time and for those who are physically unable to get to the base camps of mighty Himalayas yet, desire to see the snowcapped mountains. 
Depending upon the interest Heli Tours can either be long or short. Helicopter Tour starts from Kathmandu and goes to the desire mountain ranges of Nepal to collect the breathtaking views of the Himalayas.
The best seasons for Heli Tour in Nepal are January-June and September-December. 
Some of the best Heli Tour Trek Leader Expeditions offers are: 
Everest Heli Tour- A Heli Tour to the highest peak in the world. 
Langtang Heli Tour- A Heli Tour in Nepal to explore the mountains of Langtang region. 
Annapurna Heli Tour- A Heli Tour in Nepal to explore the Annapurna. 
We can also operate the Heli Tours to your desire destination of Nepal.